All That You Wanted to Know About Smart Grid Technology and Distribution Automation

In a world which is increasingly obsessed with saving energy and precious natural sources, smart grid technology could not have come a day sooner. Utilities around the world are opting for the latest in automation in order to streamline their bulk electricity distributing systems. Automation seems to be the buzzword during their meetings, with several technological breakthroughs hitting the market almost every passing day. The advent of smart grid technology has meant huge savings when it comes to wastage of electricity. That the system is ‘smart’ enough to find out what is the amount of electricity needed for a particular requirement and able to supply, it also helps in saving precious natural sources, which would have been otherwise used for electricity generation.

The various types of automation is what makes the smart grid concept work in perfect sync with the latest requirements. Automation distribution essentially helps in improving monitoring and controlling capabilities. In fact, with sophisticated technology, even remote assets can be controlled and monitored with ease when a close eye is kept on them by using automation. The rapid advancements made in the field of software technology have also meant that there is an increasing choice available to utilities for taking care of their electricity distribution networks.

Automated systems also take care of large volume of data that is typically generated at electricity substations. Usually the systems are a network of computers, with all of them passing on data to a central location. This kind of an approach ensures that the top management has got access to almost any data that they want, virtually at the flick of the button. The data is usually sent over low bandwidth communication networks to the centralized monitoring station, where human operators take over the monitoring work. Automation is also on the rise because in several countries the process has been made mandatory too.

With the several benefits that it offers smart grid technology is fast finding an increasing number of takers. Distribution automation has completely revolutionized the way electricity is distributed and consumed around the world.