Running Software – 8 Features to Look For When Making Your Selection

As a busy race director, you should have a software system in place that makes your job easier and better serves your participants. With choices on everything from self-service options to security measures to added features, choosing the right race software for your next event can seem intimidating. To help you sort through the clutter, here’s a short list of the top 8 features to look for when making your running software selection.

  1. User-friendly registration. To maximize participation in your next event, it’s important to offer participants self-service options to register for your race when and where it’s most convenient for them. Instead of driving to a facility, standing in line and filling out registration and waiver forms, your software solution should offer an easy-to-use online registration option for participants so they can sign up in just minutes from any Internet-enabled computer.
  2. Easy credit card processing. By offering convenient and fast credit card payment options, you will better serve your participants who prefer not to carry cash and checks. Look for a race software solution that accepts credit cards as a standard option. This should not be an additional fee or add-on.
  3. Secure online transactions. The security of your participants’ personal information is of the utmost importance. Be sure that you carefully evaluate and understand the security measures offered by each running software vendor to ensure your participants’ data is never compromised.
  4. Email confirmations. Once a participant has registered and paid for the running event, make sure your software program will automatically send the participant an email confirmation. This automated step will save you an enormous amount of time having to field phone calls and manually sending email confirmations yourself. It will also give your participants peace of mind knowing their transactions were successfully processed and they have a receipt to confirm it.
  5. Secure database. In addition to evaluating the security of the vendors’ online transactions, it’s equally important that each race registration vendor can also ensure the security of your database. Most running software programs are Web-based and hosted by the technology provider, meaning that the company is responsible for the protection of your data. Find out how and where the technology provider stores its servers and understand the security measures the company has put in place.
  6. Interactive online features. Access to times, stats, schedules and live results will be important for your runners and their families and friends. Look for a software company that offers interactive online features, not only to benefit your participants, but also to demonstrate the professionalism and quality of your events.
  7. Customized individual product training. Every race and every race director is different, so product training should be individualized as well. Look for a technology partner that understands the running industry and understands your personal technology needs. Expect that your product training will be customized just for you, focusing on the features and modules that are important to the success of your event.
  8. Automatic tracking of participant activity. Reports are important to every business, including your race or event. Look for a race registration software that allows you to pull reports and data at any time to better understand your participation numbers, participant ages and geographic reach, event revenues, expenses, online transactions and more. By having access to participant activity, not only will you have better oversight into the success of your event every step of the way, you’ll also know how to better market your event now and in the future by distinguishing what age groups and geographic areas are most drawn to your race.

The final important selection criteria should stand on its own: choose the technology partner you trust the most. Software providers that hire and invest in good people, develop smart technologies, offer exceptional customer service and marketing support, and understand the ins and outs of the running industry are important to the overall success of your event. Talk to other race directors and event planners about the pros and cons of their software selections, research your top potential technology partners online and evaluate the reviews and comments you find, talk to the race software company and see how well you interact with its customer service support staff, and ask for references to speak firsthand to the company’s customers about their likes and dislikes with their software selection. You may find that it’s the people behind the software technology that can matter most in determining your running software selection.

Software Solution Providers Offering Ebusiness Solutions and Business Process Management Services

Today, information technology has transformed the way businesses carry out their processes and operations. From the very basic inventory collection to payment processing, software solutions are continuously developing new opportunities for the businesses. Software solutions are simply streamlining processes and significantly integrating various business operations for better execution and outcome. In the past few years, the software technology and web-based technology is growing, assisting different industries from banking to agriculture. Technology is still growing and uncovering its many facets like social networking sites, ecommerce, business applications, etc. In this environment of fast technology adoption, only a right software solution provider can help you maximize business outcome and aid in operational savings.

Software solution providers deliver better measurable value, encompassing a vast range of technologies. They provide high-performance ecommerce and ebusiness solutions to help organizations so that they can provide the high quality services to their end-users. These software solution providers build and implement end-to-end solutions that effortlessly integrate with diverse business applications.

Moreover, the business consulting departments of software solution providers offer accurate consulting services for new web portals, customer relationship management applications, business applications, work flow solutions and much more. Their broad range of knowledge, skills and expertise spans a vast range of industries including, but not limited to, real estate, pharmaceuticals, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc.

One of the most influential services offered by business consulting departments is portal and content management. The portals as well as content management services are designed to offer comprehensive consulting, evaluation, analysis, design development, integration and many more services. Their professionals have complete knowledge and expertise in the advanced technologies and thus provide proven state-of-the-art solutions to their global customers. Their business-centric solutions assist various CMS and Portal products. Their services range from document management, digital asset management and web content management. Moreover, enterprises can expect superior level of services from creative graphic design, website development, product e catalog systems, CMS and CRM systems as well as content migration services.

Today, IT companies are also extending their assistance in offering expertise in planning, implementing and optimizing business process management for better executions of the business processes. It enables automated business processes that give organizations the potency, flexibility, strength to implement and control specific business strategies. These companies also devise business wide BPM solutions that help execute business strategies by aligning process work flow.

In essence, software solution providers are offering superior and holistic solutions to the businesses for their efficient and effortless processes.

Technological Equipment and Software Financing

In today’s competitive business scenario it is very important to stay abreast of the best of technological advancements, essentially, those dealing with computer peripherals and relevant software. Technological or computer software comprises of new computer system, routing software and safety equipment.

These gadgets are often steeply priced and so it helps if someone provides the capital for the technological gadgets and computer software. However such specialized technological tools and software may not find their sponsors. This is owing to the lack of knowledge about these equipments and the business idea behind them. Therefore someone proficient in computer hardware and software has to impart the know-how on these tools. And it is not difficult to procure such technologies once you have the backing of some authentic sponsors.

There are a range of computer peripherals and software to choose from. Therefore the ways in which the financial institutions help with capital are various.

1) Audio visual equipment companies need their relevant tolls that are used in the business. Companies that are involved in mass communication deal in such equipments. The high price tags of these gadgets often require financial assistance.

2) Safety and security equipment forms the top priority when it comes to technological spending. It involves products like safety alarms, burglar alarms, fire safety alarms, metal detectors, closed circuit TV, motion detector and likewise. These are essential for maintain security in the offices and also homes. But its astronomical price deters individuals from floating such business. And hence there is the need for financing safety and security gadgetry.

3) Modern day businesses rest on the mighty shoulders of telecommunications. It is due to this technology that lots of companies could be incubated in campuses across the world. It has bridged the gap between production and the management. Sound and systematic communication is possible with the latest of technology in telecommunications. Offices are up o date with the latest of technologies like broadcasting equipment, multiplex equipment, telephone system and transmitting gadgets. But a ubiquitous high price bars these technologies from reaching small and medium scale businesses. Telecommunications funding gives them the chance to float such ventures.

4) Computer peripherals are essential for surviving in today’s business environment. So, most companies source such products. The data storage equipment, server, workstation are the must haves of businesses these days. But their configuration keeps changing from time to time. So hardware up gradation is a must to stay competitive. Therefore technological and software funding provides the necessary oxygen in these ventures.

5) Your business will also function smoothly only with the help of latest software. But conservative lenders would not allow their money to be used to source software. But the fact remains that businesses require various kinds of software like accounting software, ecommerce software, manufacturing software and CAD software. Infact every company runs on software. Therefore some financial institutions realize the value of software and offer them assistance.

Since, the process of technological and software equipment funding is smooth and hassle free, therefore, it’s ideal for small and medium scale companies to apply for such funding assistance.